Attract What You Want Spell

What you will need:

This spell should be done on a full or waxing moon.

  • Hematite magnet
  • One chime candle in each color: red, green, blue, yellow and white
  • Pentacle sigil (see image)
  • Drawing oil
  • Candle holders


Create your Pentacle Sigil by hand.

Cast Circle.

Cleanse and consecrate your candles, oil, Pentacle Sigil and Hematite magnet. After dressing the candles, set them on their corresponding points on the Pentacle Sigil. Set the hematite in the middle of the Pentacle Sigil.

Sit and meditate on what you want to attract to yourself. When you are ready, start the spell.

While lighting the candles in order, going deasil (clockwise), say the following verses:

Light the blue candle:

Let it flow to me,

Like the rivers to the great ocean.


Light the red candle:

May it be drawn to me,

Like the moth to a flame.


Light the green candle:

Let it blossom into my grasp,

Like the plant that blooms in spring.

Light the yellow candle:

May the winds blow it straight to me,

Caught as if in a spider’s web.


Light the white candle:

In this I command,

So mote it be!

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony.

Close the Circle.

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