Forgiveness Ritual

This spell should be done on a waning moon.

What you need:

  • One white candle
  • One black candle
  • One pink candle
  • Candleholders for all the candles
  • Frankincense incense
  • Incense burner
  • Heat-proof surface to place the incense burner
  • Boline

Prepare candles by carving the deceased person’s name with the boline. You’re carving the name of the person you want to forgive onto the black candle. Then carve your name on the white candle. Carve forgiveness on the pink candle.

Cast your Circle.

Cense and asperge your candles.

Arrange the candles in positions that form a triangle. Place the black candle on your left and the pink candle in the front and center. Position the white candle to your right.

Light the black candle and recite the deceased person’s name three times.

Light the white candle and recite your name three times.

Then light the pink candle and say,

I grieve for our differences between you and me.
I forgive wrongdoings on both sides now I see.
Forgiveness and peace for us. So mote it be.

At the close of this Forgiveness Ritual, dismiss the spirit of your departed loved one. You do this by saying the departed person’s name in this way:

[Name], go in peace
[Name], go in peace
[Name], go in peace

And you snuff out the black candle.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony, while you let the pink candle completely burn down.

Close the Circle

Warning: Make sure to dismiss the spirit of your loved one. In certain situations, you do not want the spirit to remain near you. Samhain is a specific time to get together with a departed loved one. However, some spirits retain negativity, and you may want to be free of them throughout the rest of the year.

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