How to Un-hex Yourself

Un-Hexing Spell

This spell should be done on a waning moon.

What you will need.

  • One reversal candle (Black on White)
  • Shot glass
  • Some rum, bourbon, or vodka*

(* If alcohol is not part of your life, you can choose some substitute.)

When to do it.
During the waning moon.

Ground and center. Once you have stilled your mind, ask the Gods to come to you. Feel Their love for you. Feel the truth that you are loved.

Pour your liquor into your shot glass. Light your reversal candle.

Say something like the following:

Now is my time to be un-hexed.
My path is clear and un-perplexed.
My history goes round and round,
My dignity sacred and sound.
Here I rise up and take a stand,
My line is drawn across the sand.
Courage and spirits uplifted,
My consciousness is now shifted

Notice any weight you feel in your soul. Now feel that weight lift off your soul. You’re now free of that weight.

Hold your shot glass of liquor. Blow (with your breath) across the liquor. (This charges the liquid.)

Place your shot glass back on the altar.

Continue by saying something like:

I am free, strong, and un-hexed.
Love and life that’s not complex,
Freedom I know inside me.
As I so will, so mote it be.

Let the candle burn itself out. (Avoid leaving an untended candle burning.)

Then drink the liquor and feel the power of the spell pass down and through your body.

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