Keep You Safe When Traveling by Car

Protection While Driving Sigil
Ritual for Your Safety While Traveling by Car

 What you will need:

This spell should be done on a full or waxing moon.

  • Protection While Driving Sigil
  • Protection Incense
  • Ritual tools
  • Altar


  • Create your sigil as seen above.
    • Use a virgin sheet of parchment or plain paper (which has not been written upon) and recreate the sigil image above.
  • Set up your altar
  • Take your ritual bath
  • Meditate on how you want to be protected by the Gods when you drive and you want that your fear leaves you about driving.


Cast Circle in the usual manner.

Cleanse the sigil with your holy water.

Charge the sigil by holding it over the incense. As you do so, chant three times:

Protection surrounds me,
Fear releases me!
Where the rubber meets road,
Let no worry have its hold!

Take your charged sigil and go to the East and say:

I call upon the East to open the doors to the wisdom of protection for me!

Take your sigil to the South and say:

I call upon the South to stoke the flames of fearlessness within me.

Take your sigil to the West and say:

I call upon the West to wash serenity over me while I drive.

Take your sigil to the North and say:

I call upon the North to ground me in protection from others on the road.

Carry your sigil back to the East and say:

So Mote it Be!

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony

Close your Circle.

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