Obtain a Car (or something else) Spell

What you will need:

This spell should be done on a full or waxing moon.

  • Dragons Blood Ink
  • Quill
  • Cauldron
  • Bay Leaf
  • A Strip of Virgin Paper
  • Dragon’s Blood Essential Oil
  • Red chime candle
  • Dragon’s Blood Oil

When: Waxing or full moon.

Cast Circle

Bless and consecrate all your materials. Make a list of what you want. Here’s an example: “I want a car that I can afford, that has low mileage, gets good mileage per gallon, has the color I prefer …”

Write down your list with the quill and ink. Write the word “new-to-me car” or “new car” (if you desire a brand-new car) down on the bay leaf.

Fold your list around the bay leaf and drip one drop of wax from the red candle to seal it. Drip three drops of dragon’s blood essential oil on the bundle and say:

Little bundle of mine,
Listen up because it is time.
Draw for me a ____, quick and neat.
Keep me free from all deceit.
Sacred smoke now fills the air,
To the Gods to bring my care.
For this or better, as I so Will,
So Mote It Be!

Be sure bundle burns to ashes—in the cauldron.

Cakes and wine ceremony

Close circle

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