Ritual to Alleviate Feeling Overwhelmed

What you will need:

This spell should be done on a waning moon.

  • Virgin paper (several slips if you desire)
  • Black marker
  • Caldron
  • Banishing oil
  • Banishing incense
  • Cakes and wine

Cast the Circle.

Cleanse and consecrate all your ritual tools and items.

(Please note, you use the banishing incense for charging your slips of paper.)

Write on your slip of paper an incident or problem in your life. Anoint the slip of paper with banishing oil.

(At this point, if you have additional slips of paper, write on them and anoint them, too.)

Ignite one slip of paper as you say,

My woes shall burn away, leaving me refreshed and renewed.

Drop the slip of paper into the cauldron and watch as it burns away completely.

(Repeat this process with the other slips of paper if you desire.)

See your problems burnt away.

Meditate on being renewed.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony

Close the Circle

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