Spell to Make Amends for a Broken Heart

Three Coins On a Hill Spell

What you will need:

This spell should be done on a new moon.

  • Three coins
  • Red wine and something to open the bottle with
  • 1 red candle in a fireproof jar
  • Lighter 
  • Some red velvet cake
  • An offering that is personal to you.
  • A trowel or shovel 

Bless and consecrate all your items.

Go to a hilltop on a new moon. Dig a hole nine inches deep. Light your candle and say: Oh, Queen of Fate here my call.

Take the first coin and drop it in the hole in the ground and say: The first one for the payment of the transgression.

Next, drop the second coin in after the first and say: The second one for the payment of healing the heart.

And the last coin you drop into the hole and say: The Third one for the payment of all the pain it caused.

Open the wine, place some of the red velvet cake on top of the coins (that are now in the bottom of the hole you dug), and your personal offering to Morrígan. Pour some of the wine on top of the offering, cake, and coins and say: With this, I offer my compunction to you.

Refill in the hole.

The last step is to donate to a charity your patron deity would like.

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